Maciej Lubiak has been involved in car rallies practically from birth as his father, Andrzej, was a successful rally and racing driver. Before he took his first steps in motor sports, from the age of 6, he successfully participated in tennis tournaments, winning titles at home and abroad. Already, by 1988, Maciej had become the Polish junior champion and two years, later he reached for victory in the international tournament in Paris and the Bohdan Tomaszewski Cup. In 1992 he became Polish Senior Team Champion. His promising career was interrupted by injury and so, he decided to try his hand at rallying.

He made his rally debut in 1998 at Fiat Cinquecento Sporting. Only two years later, he won the Fiat Seicento Sporting Cup. After this success, he got behind the wheel of a VW Polo and won, many times, in the A5 class. His successes were noticed and the young, promising player was mentioned to the Junior WRC. Unfortunately, budget problems were an obstacle to the implementation of this plan, but Lubiak did not give up and we admired him as he won as many as four rallies in the Class N3, in 2002. At the end of the ’02 season, he also made his debut in a 4 × 4 car. Together with Maciej Wisławski, they won third place in the Polish championships, in Group N, and ended a brilliant season with victory in the prestigious Aces Criterion on the famous Karowa Street.

Between 2003–2006, Lubiak, with Wisławski, were among the best competitors in the country, repeatedly climbing up onto the podium. In 2007, Maciej became the factory driver for the Fiat Castrol Rally Team and raced the Fiat Punto S2000. In 2009 he joined the Renault team, sitting behind the wheel of a Renault Clio R3 class.

During the break between starts in rallies, Lubiak decided to develop his professional ambitions. However, he could not live without sport, so he returned to the racket sports he once practised. This time he chose squash, achieving many successes in this discipline too, including the Polish team championship and Polish runner-up in the Squash Masters. In 2012, he won the Polish team’s vice-champion title in squash.

In 2017, he returned after a long break to special stages. He fulfilled his dream and competed in the Subaru Impreza STI, again creating a crew with Maciej Wisławski. In the 2018 season, he began racing with the Adam R2 Opel in the Polish Rally Championships. A year later, he got behind the wheel of an R5 class car, the strongest and most advanced design that can be raced in the Polish championship –the Hyundai i20 R5. The experience gained after his long break began to pay off. In the 2020 season, Maciej Lubiak decided to fight again in the Polish championship in a small, but real, rally car – Peugeot 208 R2.

For many years, Maciej has devoted all his skills and experience to his second passion – gastronomy, focussing on running his thriving company Maczfit, which is a leader on the dietary catering market and the Milanovo restaurant in the Warsaw district of Wilanów.

Przemysław Konopacki – 1997
Rafał Procner – 1997
Tomasz Chmiel – 1997
Tomasz Styp Rekowski – 1998-99
Michał Kozłowski – 1999
Grzegorz Dobosz – 1999
Michał Kozłowski – 2000
Dariusz Brodnicki – 2001
**Bartłomiej Sitek – 2002**
Julia Urbaniak – 2002
Dariusz Brodnicki – 2002
Maciej Wisławski – 2003-06
Sebastian Rozwadowski – 2007
Przemysław Mazur – 2007
Karina Szarama – 2008
Przemysław Zawada – 2009
Maciej Wisławski – do 2018 r.
Tomasz Borko – 2018-19
Michał Trela – 2019
Anna Lubiak – 2019
Tomasz Borko – 2020


Tomasz Borko, like most competitors, started his adventure with rallies from KJS in 2002. He obtained his rally licence 12 years ago and immediately made his debut in the PZM Cup. He raced,successfully, on routesin Poland and abroad, achieving, together with his drivers, championship and runner-up titles in various rally cycles. Privately, the father of two sons, he is interested in graffiti art, photography and travelling. He got together with Maciek Lubiak, for the first time, in 2017 and since then, they have taken part in twelve competitions. He boasts over 120 starts in rallies as a pilot.”

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